Cursory Wetland/Threatened and Endangered Species Studies
Cursory studies are beneficial when a client is considering a site location or purchase of property and needs a quick or general answer to make a decision on moving forward. The cursory review can be limited to desktop review or include abbreviated onsite assessment. The scope of work is site specific and defined by the needs of the client.

USACE-Approved Wetland Delineations
Pittman Environmental Services has vast experience with performing wetland delineations within several U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) districts. We have extensive experience with pine flatwood-savanna wetland, bottomland hardwood wetlands, bayhead-hillside seep wetlands, and red-parent material wetland. Our wetland delineations are performed by sub-meter GPS (Ashtech Mobile Mapper) and ArcMap 10.1. We flag and GPS-map the complete wetland boundary to provide an accurate location of the delineated wetlands. Wetland delineation reports are provided to our clients and only submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for jurisdictional determination upon the request of our clients.

Wetland and Other Water Permitting
Pittman Environmental Services can provide any level of assistance with regulatory permitting. Our services include pre-application meetings, preparation and submittal of 404 or Section 10 permits, mitigation planning, environmental assessments, and coordination with state and federal agencies (DEQ, USFWS, DMR, EPA, and MDAH).

Wetland Mitigation
We routinely assist our clients with the compensatory mitigation requirements required for the unavoidable impacts to jurisdictional wetland/stream. Mitigation requirements and methodologies vary within USACE districts and geographical areas, resulting in a complex process for some clients. Wetland/Stream assessments determine the mitigation credits needed to offset impacts. Once mitigation credit determinations are approved by the USACE, we assist our clients with navigating the available mitigation options.

Mitigation Bank Establishment
Pittman Environmental Services has been the primary consultant for the establishment of wetland mitigation banks within the USACE Mobile District and USACE Vicksburg District. We have worked with the Interagency Review Team(s) for the approval and establishment of pine savanna and bottomland hardwood wetland mitigation banks.

Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
Pittman Environmental Services has over 15 years of experience with conducting Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys within the southeastern United States. Sites are surveyed for potential habitat and the presence of listed species. Locations of found species are recorded with sub-meter GPS. We routinely coordinate with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for Section 7 consultation and advise clients on the avoidance of impacts for listed species.


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