About Us

Founded in 2004 by Bart A. Pittman, Pittman Environmental Services specializes in pre-construction regulatory compliance and environmental permitting. Our primary expertise is with jurisdictional wetlands and related issues. We can provide any service related to wetlands including: initial site assessments, wetland delineations, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permitting, mitigation planning, mitigation compliance, and mitigation bank establishment. We work with a wide range of clients including land owners seeking consulting for minor property improvements, large developments needing cradle to grave consulting, linear transportation projects, local governments, and federally funded projects.

Previous projects include:

  • Residential/Commercial Developments
  • Mega Sites/Industrial Parks
  • Impacts related to Oil & Natural Gas exploration
  • Drainage Improvement Projects
  • State Aid Bridge Replacement Projects
  • Sewer System Improvements
  • Waterline Distribution Improvements
  • Utility ROW and Gasline ROW
  • Rail Spur Construction
  • Lake Construction
  • Runway Extension and Expansion for Municipal Airports
  • Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center
  • Mitigation Bank Establishment

We also provide threatened/endangered species surveys and coordinate additional surveys that may be required during the regulatory permit process. We have worked closely with the USACE Regulatory Branch and state agencies for many years developing a mutually respectful relationship.

Time is always an issue and we take pride in providing the information and assistance needed to facilitate the needs of our clients as quickly as possible. Equally as important is our desire to provide a service that is consistently accurate. Mr. Pittman has over 15 years of experience with wetlands and threatened/endangered species. He has worked with nine USACE districts within an area spanning from east Texas to southern Missouri to Florida panhandle. Pittman Environmental Services is a small business, but it has the associations and capabilities to engage large projects and provide a wider range of services.

If you have any questions about a current or potential project, please contact Bart Pittman at (601) 297-2487 or bartpittman@pittmanenv.com.